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Christina Goetz

Hybrid Hypnosis Session (Hypnosis and Healing Session)

Hybrid Hypnosis Session (Hypnosis and Healing Session)

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 It’s a hypnotic method to resolve fear, anxiety, and to calm your nervous system before implementing new beliefs, habits, and goals energetically into your system. It’s a form of energy healing work combined with affirmations and a spoken hypnosis (energetically).

I will energetically re-program your subconscious mind (with your permission) while installing and implementing your new beliefs, habits, and goals. Renewing and re-balancing your energetic state while working with your energy centers and chakras brining them in perfect harmony.

Similar like Reiki Healing which is based on an Eastern belief that vital energy flows through your body. During a Distance Hypnosis Session energy and intentions moves from the practitioner (Hypnotherapist) energetically into the recipient, their body is best set up into a natural receiving and healing state. While energy work calms the nervous system, a Hybrid Hypnosis Sessions energetically installs the new beliefs, habits, or goals into the recipient.

Duration: 1 x 50 Minutes 

Location: Remote via Distance Hypnosis 

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