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Christina Goetz

Holy Nights Reading Special

Holy Nights Reading Special

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Holy Nights Reading Special 💫


Receive 12 special messages, guidance, and manifest for the next 12 months ahead.


You can use the intense energy of the 12 Holy Nights (Rauhnächte) to work with the energies and manifest during the most mystical and magical time of the year.


We start on the 25th of December. I will go live on Facebook at 7 pm for 12 days and share insights and stories about the Holy Nights- a German tradition well known in my country and we will have some time to reflect together. I will do card readings for the group and pull a card for the coming month ahead. Each day represents a month for 2024.

On the 12th day, I will send distance healing to each and everyone in the group. I will sit by the fire place and call in and channel the power of the Angels, Gods, and Goddesses that have reigned long before us to help transform and let go of old beliefs and energies that we need to leave behind in 2023.


On the 13th day (a day after the 12th holy night, I will send you a private message via WhatsApp or Telegram including a personal reading (between 10-15 minutes long) for the coming year.

Manifesting is a cooperation between and physical the mystical world. Your actions and inner thoughts should be in alignment in order to truly manifest something in  magical and beautiful in your life.


What you will get:


-You will receive a link to the Facebook group where I will go live every day starting on the 25th of December for 12 days.


-You will also receive a private reading via WhatsApp between the 6th and 7th of January 2024.


What would you like to manifest for the year ahead?Use the transformative energy of the Holy Nights to manifest for the year ahead and let go of what does no longer serve you in 2024.




25th of December - 5th of January 2024:

Facebook Live at 7 pm (Dublin)


6th/7th of January 2024:

A private card reading  via WhatsApp (voice message) 


Note: Please allow up to 48 hours to receive your personal reading via  voice message depending on the group size. Thank you for your patience.



Investment: 66€ (only limited spaces available)


I will send out an email closer to the date with the link to join my Facebook group.


Looking forward to celebrate this very sacred and mystical time of the year with you.


Love and light,




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