Do you know the feeling if something doesn’t feel right when you walk into room, home or office space? You don’t have an explanation for it but the place makes you feel uncomfortable. This could indicate an imbalance or disturbance of Earth energies and that the place needs healing.

Whatever the reason may be house, space, or land clearing can be really helpful and it’s important to heal and bring balance to whatever caused the negative energies or imbalance. Trapped spirits for example like ghosts can cause such imbalance and leave their negative imprint. This is when a space or land clearing comes into place.

Some disembodied sprits are trapped in the in between state (the other world or the world in between) because they don’t understand they are no longer alive. This can happen through a tragic accident or they believe they have sinned or are not deserving of belonging or going home (aka into the the light).

Spirits or Ghosts can sometimes stay around if they feel they have unfinished business in this world. They don’t know that they have passed on and are being stuck in a dream-like state and try to engage with us as usual. They get angry or frustrated when no one is heard them or can respond to them hence why they sometimes interfere with our living space e.g. things falling of the shelves in your home, lights flickering ect. When they feel frustrated or trapped, they stick around. Sometime spirits can feed off a human bodies energy especially if they are very sensitive and open to attract certain energies into their lives. They sometimes attach to a human body because they want to feel connected and making themselves known.

Sometimes there are tragic energies trapped in houses, buildings, or the land which can even date back years. Houses and land cleansing is different than buildings or a place where there haven been massive tragedy happening. You need more than one healer to work on bigger tragedies/world events that had an impact on the community or the world in large.

You can book a house, room, or land clearing. I work remotely or in person (around Enfield, Co. Meath, Ireland and up to 100 km).

I also offer House and Land Blessings for new homes.

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I believe it is important to heal and bring balance into a new home. The positive shift in energy after a space clearing can be felt on all four levels; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

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