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Christina Goetz

Hypnotherapy for Superlearning and Studying More Effectively (Package)

Hypnotherapy for Superlearning and Studying More Effectively (Package)

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You can use Hypnosis for Studying, Leaving/Junior Certs, Exams, or Driving Tests.Adding Hypnosis to your study routine will help you feel more relaxed, calmer, focus, and more productive. Especially when you feel nervous, anxious, or stress, because you have a big test or exams coming up, it can be very beneficial working with a Hypnotherapist to achieve your goals and get better results. Hypnosis can improve your ability to focus, making it easier for you to pay attention to something for an extended period of time as well as being able to effortlessly remember things for a longer time. The studied material can also be accessed more easily during an exam. 

Get better results while feeling more relaxed, focused, motivated, and empowered with Hypnosis. 


Location: In person or online via Zoom.

Duration: 4x 60 minutes 

This is a package of 4 sessions. 

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